contributing artists

List of contributing artists:

Ivrai Abramovic, USA
Leopard Adored, UK
Minethere Allways, USA
Bonafidenutts Aries, USA
Sisi Biedermann, Sweden
Ray Blue, Austria
Wizardoz Chrome, Italy
Fiona Blaylock, USA
Art Blue, Germany
Feathers Boa, USA
Navah Dreams, Greece
Vanish Firecaster, Germany
Reezy Frequency, USA
Cold Frog, Belgium
Garvie Garzo, Canada
Dora Gustafson, Denmark
Wizard Gynoid, USA
Issis Karu, Canada
Met Knelstrom, Germany
ChapTer Kronfeld, Germany
Nicci Lane, Australia
Excess Lemmon, United Kingdom
Gaianed Lindman, Switzerland
FreeWee Ling, USA
Ggabriel Madruga, Portugal
Daco Monday, Italy
Attard Magic, Malta
Birki Magic, Malta
Fontana Magic, Malta
Mdina Magic, Malta
Mosta Magic, Malta
Mimesis Monday, Norway
Cherry Manga, France
Yooma Mayo, Japan
Meilo Minotaur, Portugal
Fuschia Nightfire, United Kingdom
Soror Nishi, United Kingdom
Bryn Oh, Canada
Nanjido Oh, [unknwon]
SaveMe Oh, Netherlands
Gem Preiz, France
Neo Prim, Germany
AM Radio, USA
CapCat Ragu, Portugal
Aley Resident, [unknown]
Creative Starfall, Portugal
Renn Yifu, Germany

some creators are unknown. we work hard to get their names as no art shall be conserved and not named. To the ‘ironman‘ maker: your contribution will be not forgotten! We still search for the maker of him …


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